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Department  of Health Business Administration

* Department History

      The Department of Healthcare Administration (day school) was established in August, 1995. It was a 2-year junior college educational program at that time. The night school was established in August, 1996. In July 2000, the department was allowed to establish the 2-year technological programs in day school and night school. In August 2001, the department established the 4-year technological program in day school, night school, and on-the-job classes. The recruitment for 2-year junior college was ceased in 2002, and the last classes of 2-year technological program in day school and 2-year junior college educational program in night school were in the year of 2004. In the past 20 years, Taiwan's population has rapidly aged. According to the report of Council for Economic Planning and Development, the population for age over 65 years old has reached 11% of total population, and it was estimated to be over 20% in 2025. The market development potential of health industries with the trans-enterprise integration and innovative characteristics can not be overlooked. And, it is becoming more and more important to cultivate the people with professional skills in health business administration. In order to respond to the trend of social development and in accordance with the middle- and long-term objectives of school, we changed the name of the department to “Department of Health Business Administration” starting from year of 2007 with the approval of the Ministry of Education. Currently, there are 4 classes in day school and 2 classes in on-the-job program 




* Department Characteristics


The department belongs to the health and nursing college, which combines the strong line-up of professional teachers from the Department of Nursing, Institute of Healthcare, Institute of Health and Biotech Industry, Department of Biological Science and Technology, Department of Beauty Science and Department of Hospitality Management, etc. With the support of professional talents from various departments of the school, the department will intensify the students' learning of professional knowledge. Due to health business covering a wider range, the department, in addition to upholding the school's existing tradition and characteristics, also match up with the management of health industries service technology research and development center so that it can have more practical development spaces, which will facilitate the formation of our research and development team and intensify teaching and research resources.


The department's educational objectives are to follow the school's “five new ethics” including service, mercy, appreciation, respect, tolerance (SMART) and promoting students' “fiveㄐ一ㄥ((peace)、靜(quiet)、淨(clean)、敬(respect)、競(competition)) program and good habits. They are also to follow the college's educational philosophy of “Health” including honesty, elegance, appreciation, learning, tolerance, and humanity in order to cultivate the students with the abilities of independent thinking and judgement, good professional knowledge of health management, in accordance with the requirement of related health industries, and with the capabilities and the technique of health business administration and information software application. Department's curriculum plan and teacher's professional skills can also comply with these objectives.


In order to respond to match future development trend, the department has the following strategies and educational direction to meet up with the trends of future industrial development: (1) Enhancing educational strategy consociation with health industries, (2) Enhancing practical capability of students (Except health business administration practical training course (1), health business administration practical training course (2) has been changed from a selective course to a compulsory course starting from 101 school year.), (3) Establishing health business administration related certificate courses and setting up the graduation threshold and the guidance system, and (4) Organizing practical and professional seminar lectures and industry visiting activities. According to the practical characteristics of technological and vocational education and management science, the department can effectively combine together the development objectives and health business requirement, the future trend, the knowledge development and the technology improvement. The department's affairs, teaching and curriculum development are always focused on concrete issues and appropriately developed by matching up to students' characteristics.